Ragusa, Known , Scicli , Catania And Modica , different countries but at the same time very similar. They are the main representatives of the Sicilian Baroque, a new monumental style, very showy and decorative, born around the seventeenth century. In this article you will receive advice on what to see in Ragusa, but first let’s make a little mention of the Baroque style, a very particular and fascinating style that has made these places unique.

It was the Sicilian aristocrats of the time who favored the development of this new style and built entire centers following this architectural model. Due to the disastrous earthquake of 1693 (the strongest ever recorded in Italy), which struck eastern and south-eastern Sicily, entire cities were destroyed. The subsequent reconstruction was therefore based on this new architectural style.

Ragusa Ibla
Ragusa Ibla
Ragusa Ibla
Ragusa Ibla
Ragusa Ibla
Ragusa Ibla
Ragusa Ibla
Cathedral of Ragusa Ibla
Via Solarino - Ragusa Ibla

What to see in Ragusa Ibla – The most beautiful and fascinating places

When you arrive a few hundred meters from Ragusa Ibla (the historic center of Ragusa), already from the road you will have a fantastic view of all these perched houses . Ragusa Ibla, like other Sicilian Baroque cities, is also not located at sea level. In fact, the aristocracy of the time preferred to stay in the hills, enjoy the landscape and find some refreshment from the torrid Sicilian summers.

As in the case of Scicli and Modica, the journey itself is however already a magnificent experience, among olive trees, carob trees and wooded hills. In fact, this area of Sicily is not very man-made as perhaps other places, here nature has preserved its spaces. Let’s now see what to see in Ragusa Ibla.

1. Cathedral of San Giorgio

Ragusa Ibla, Cathedral of San Giorgio and the square
Cathedral of San Giorgio and the square

The Duomo is certainly the most beautiful monument in Ragusa Ibla and is one of the greatest expressions of Baroque architecture. You can also climb the dome for a few Euros. In the beautiful square in front you will also find many bars, where you can eat the typical Sicilian granita and many other specialties.

2. Via Solarino

Via Solarino - Ragusa Ibla

From via Solarino you will have a beautiful view of the dome of San Giorgio , the show is particularly fascinating in the evening, when it is illuminated. In Ragusa Ibla there are actually many other corners, alleys and very beautiful and fascinating streets. the advice is therefore to walk a bit at random and follow your intuition.

3. Ibleo Garden

Ibleo Garden, Ragusa Ibla
Gianfranco Spazioso , CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Ibleo Garden, Ragusa Ibla
Andrea Comisi , CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The Ibleo garden of Ragusa is a beautiful well-kept villa, with many palm trees and a beautiful view of the mountains . Especially in summer it is the ideal place to rest and escape from the scorching heat. Nearby you will also find the portal of San Giorgio, what remains of the ancient 12th century church that was destroyed by the earthquake of 1693.

4. Santa Maria delle Scale

This small church is located between Ragusa and Ragusa Ibla and is located in a suggestive place, which will give you a unique view of Ragusa Ibla. The baroque church is also very beautiful inside and has a Gothic nave from 1200, a relic of the old church that was destroyed by the earthquake of 1693.

Santa Maria delle Scale - Ragusa Ibla
Santa Maria delle Scale - Ragusa Ibla
Santa Maria delle Scale - Ragusa Ibla
Enrico Bracchitta , CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Fischer1961 , CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

5. Palazzo Arezzo di Trifiletti and Palazzo Cosentini

Palazzo Arezzo di Trifiletti is located right near the Duomo and dates back to the 17th century and belonged to a noble family from Ragusa . Although the rooms that can be visited are not many, it is worth visiting and admiring the ancient furnishings, the paintings and the fantastic floors with colored majolica. Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30 am – 6:00 pm. Ticket: 5 Euros with a 30-minute guided tour. Times and fares may change.

Photo from: Palazzo Arezzo.it

Arezzo Palace of Trefiletti
Arezzo Palace of Trefiletti
Arezzo Palace of Trefiletti

The Cosentini Palace is of eighteenth-century origin and, unlike the Palazzo, it cannot be visited inside, except on the occasion of events. However, what makes it fascinating are its baroque balconies, decorated with sometimes bizarre figures .

Cosentini Palace - Ragusa Ibla

Interactive map of Ragusa Ibla – Points of interest in purple

To locate yourself once in the area, click the enlarge symbol at the top right of the map.

Where to eat in Ragusa Ibla

Camùri Restaurant - Ragusa Ibla. Octopus with mashed potatoes
Octopus with mashed potatoes
Camùri Restaurant - Ragusa Ibla. Cannoli with ricotta.
Cannoli with ricotta.
Octopus with salad
Camùri Restaurant - Ragusa Ibla. Shrimp and burrata risotto
Shrimp and burrata risotto

After having listed what to see in Ragusa Ibla, let’s think about what to eat. There is certainly no shortage of restaurants in the town, but the Camùri Restaurant (Con amore in Sicilian) is certainly one of the best . It is located in a very nice little square and offers many specialties such as octopus with mashed potatoes, risotto with prawns and burrata, cannoli with ricotta and much more. The owner chef is also very kind, who also takes the time to talk to customers telling the story of the restaurant and the dishes.

What to see around Ragusa Ibla

Here you find the most beautiful places to visit around Ragusa .

Typical dishes of Ragusa and surroundings

In Ragusa and its surroundings there is certainly no shortage of food and it is very tasty and genuine, many products in fact directly from the surrounding countryside. Here you will find a list of what to eat in Ragusa and surroundings .

Here instead you find the typical Sicilian dishes in general.

Excursions and trips to Ragusa Ibla

If you want to rely on an expert guide to visit Ragusa Ibla, here you will find a list with possible excursions to Ragusa Ibla and surroundings , starting from around 54 Euros per person and you will also find reviews from other travelers.

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