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Last Updated on 31 May 2024


The Roman villa of Durrueli in Realmonte is a small treasure preserved over time. It is an ancient Roman mansion by the sea, with a beautiful view that fades into the Mediterranean horizon. If today a house by the sea is almost every man’s dream, why shouldn’t it also be for the Romans?

Roman Villa Durrueli - Realmonte

The History of the Roman Villa of Durrueli

This is a villa discovered in 1907 during excavations for a railway and dates back to the 1st century AD, so almost 2,000 years ago! It is really built on the seashore, today it would probably even be considered squatting. The structure develops around an impluvium, a quadrangular tank for the collection of rainwater, located in the atrium. It is made up of 5 rooms , two decorated with marble slabs and 3 with mosaics, testifying to the wealth of the family who lived there. In a second wing of the villa there was a pure spa area which was probably built at a later time.

Roman Villa Durrueli - Realmonte

Getting there and schedules

It is recommended to call at: +39 0922 814607 to make sure you find it open, official hours are still Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. . Admission to the Roman villa in Realmonte is free.

Roman Villa Durrueli - Realmonte
Roman Villa Durrueli - Realmonte


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