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Last Updated on 16 April 2024

Let’s find out what to eat in Ragusa and surroundings . As in all of Sicily, the dishes are the result of the intertwining and influence of numerous cultures and peoples who have colonized the island over the centuries. Below I have prepared a list of the typical products of Ragusa and surroundings, which you can try during your trip.

He drives Ragusana away

The scaccia from Ragusa is probably the best known specialty you can find in all the rotisseries. It is a kind of focaccia that is filled in the most varied ways, for example with ricotta alone, or with sausage and aubergines.

Breaded and pastizzi

What to eat in Ragusa - Impanata ragusana
Breaded ragusana – JuliaK ~ commonswiki

Breadcrumbs have a different shape and taste than scacce and are filled with meat or fish, while pastizzi have a vegetable filling. Another specialty is “U pastizzu di Modica”, a tasty focaccia prepared with a very crumbly pasta with oil and a filling of cabbage, sausage and caciocavallo. Furthermore, you cannot leave Sicily without having a feast of the famous rice balls, a real delight.

Homemade pasta

Ravioli with ricotta in pork sauce
Ravioli with ricotta in pork sauce – Devoured with my girlfriend in Modica

You cannot miss the fresh homemade pasta accompanied prepared with different ingredients. For example, we tried the ravioli stuffed with ricotta with pork sauce, a very typical and delicious dish. Another typical dish is macco di fave, a thick and delicious bean soup or pasta with capuliato, prepared with chopped dried tomatoes.


What to eat in Ragusa - Rabbit alla pattuisa
Baked rabbit with potatoes – Catia Giaccherini , CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

As for meat, the typical dishes are stuffed hen, tripe alla ragusana and rabbit alla pattuisa (baked rabbit with potatoes). Pork is a must, which is prepared in various ways and is the main dish above all of Chiaramonte Gulfi .

The fish

Fresh fish

Of course in Ragusa as in all of Sicily you cannot fail to eat fresh fish. A typical dish of these areas is fried fish, which is also served in the typical cone-shaped foil.

The sweets

What to eat in Ragusa - Modica Chocolate
Modica chocolate – Mussklprozz , CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

We close with desserts, here the typical dessert is certainly the Modica chocolate, with the typical sparkling aftertaste. It comes from an ancient Aztec recipe, brought to Sicily by the Spaniards. Other typical sweets are cannoli with local ricotta, and mucatoli, biscuits stuffed with dried fruit.

I hope I was clear and exhaustive enough on what to eat in Ragusa and its surroundings, good appetite!

Typical Sicilian dishes

Here you find the typical Sicilian dishes that you can find all over the island.