The Segestane Baths, commonly known as the Crimiso Springs, are a thermal complex of volcanic origin. They are located near the thermal area of Castellammare del Golfo, within the province of Trapani.

Segestane Baths

These Segesta Baths are surrounded by reeds and majestic walls of pink and white travertine. This picturesque landscape offers a completely free spa experience, allowing visitors to enjoy the small spa bays at no cost.

Segestane Baths

Temperature and benefits of the Segestan Baths

Segestane Baths

Water at the Segesta Hot Springs flows from the spring at a temperature of about 47 degrees Celsius. Here, we find three distinct springs: the Bagno delle Femmine, the Grotta Regina and the New Spring. These springs are ideal for thermal baths and for combating rheumatic, respiratory and skin diseases.

For those seeking a wilder experience, one need only travel upriver to find oneself immersed in a spectacular canyon, featuring small waterfalls, tamarisk trees, and oleanders. Some springs open directly into the riverbed, pleasantly warming the water.

Segestane Baths


According to ancient accounts, including those of Strabo and Diodorus Siculus, the Aquae Segestanae were linked to the myth of Hercules, who found solace in the warm waters, which flowed from nymphs. In addition to legends, several historical accounts attest to the importance of these thermal waters: Strabo mentions them and Pliny the Elder also praises their therapeutic virtues.

How to get to the Segestan Baths

To reach this thermal site, simply enter the directions for “Parking Terme Libere Segestane” on Google Maps and then walk down a path through the reeds. You will also come across a stream, however, which you can cross without much trouble thanks to stones arranged to ease passage. Better to bring closed shoes anyway.

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