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The Castello di Delia or Castello di Sabuci or Castidrazzu as the locals call it, is located near the Salso river, a strategic factor for trade. It was probably built in the Byzantine era (9th century) and had only a transit function due to its small size. Unfortunately, unlike Manfredonic Castle, it is not very well maintained but still has its charm. You will find a small parking lot on the side of the road and then a small road (albeit untreated and full of grass) to walk through that will take you to the castle. Free entry.

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What to see in the surroundings

The Manfredonico castle is located in the province of Caltanissetta. Here you will find the most beautiful places to visit around Caltanissetta.

Typical dishes of Caltanissetta and surroundings

If you are interested in eating typical dishes in the Caltanissetta area (of which the castle is part) I list you here what to eat in Caltanissetta and surroundings.

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