Carcaci cannot even be defined as a village . It is basically a few houses, a sort of square, a drinking trough, a baroque church in lava stone and 2 streets . This place was definitively abandoned around the 1950s, the only remaining inhabitants are peacocks , which occasionally show themselves in the streets of the metropolis. You may be wondering what kind of place this is, well it’s Carcaci and it exists.

Carcaci and Etna
Archenzo , CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Yet the description is misleading, if you are in the area it is worth a visit, this place has its own history and is full of charm. In fact, here the Normans encamped in the 11th century to conquer Centuripe and built a tower, still visible from the outside (today it is private property) which was later incorporated by other buildings. Behind the tower stands the majestic Mount Etna , which makes this place even more special.

Over time Carcaci passed into the hands of several noble families, which made it an important agricultural center. Around 1700 the first peasant houses were built, all in lava stone next to each other and a baroque-style church, also in lava stone, really very pretty .

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church of santa Domenica, carcaci
Hamlet of Carcaci
Hamlet of Carcaci
Hamlet of Carcaci
Hamlet of Carcaci
Hamlet of Carcaci
Hamlet of Carcaci

Today Carcaci has the charm of those abandoned places, where time has stopped . The nature that has slowly recovered part of the village, makes everything really special and fascinating. Take your time, walk around and look around, such places are not found everywhere.

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