Near Syracuse is a special place, the Ciane River Reserve. The name derived from the Greek word cyanòs, which siginifies blue.

The peculiarity of this river is the papyrus , which grows here as luxuriantly as in Egypt . In fact, it seems that its presence dates back to the third century BC when some plants donated by the pharaoh Ptolemy II Philadelphus to his ally Gerone II, tyrant of Syracuse, arrived from Egypt .

Ciane River, Syracuse
Marchal from Germany , CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Ciane River, Syracuse
Gio the Gamb , CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Ciane River, Syracuse
Marco Brunetti , CC0, via Wikimedia Commons
Ciane River, Syracuse
pjt56 — , CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Ciane River, Syracuse
Marco Brunetti , CC0, via Wikimedia Commons
Mouth of the river Ciane, Syracuse
River mouth – Davide Mauro – CC BY SA 4.0

How to get

Once you have parked your car near the entrance to the reserve, you can start the 2.7 km path, about an hour on foot , which will take you to the equipped area, where there is also a pond with ducks. Theoretically you could also continue the path to the mouth, but I do not recommend it. The journey would indeed be very long and there is not much to see.

The entrance to the reserve is located right where the Ciane river rises, but there is no real source to be seen, since the river comes from underground. Immediately at the entrance on the left there is a small pier that goes for a few meters above the water, while on the right the real path begins.

Path that runs along the river, among papyrus, wheat fields, reeds, cultivated fields and centuries-old trees here and there. Also along the way you will probably meet donkeys, horses and sheep that roam free in the fields around the river.

If you are a nature lover it is definitely a place to see if you get the chance. Don’t forget to bring water, wear comfortable shoes and avoid the hottest hours . You can also bring some sandwiches and have a picnic once you arrive in the equipped area, even if it is not really equipped, since many tables are unfortunately destroyed.

Small information in case you hear about boat trips on the Ciane: The river is no longer navigable since 2015, only excursions are made in the adjacent river Anapo, which however has nothing to do with the Ciane.

Activities loved by tourists in the surrounding area or in Sicily in general

Interactive map of the Ciane river – Points of interest in purple

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The Ciane river is located in Syracuse. If you want to discover the typical dishes of the area, here you can find an article on what to eat in Syracuse and surroundings .

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