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Gela is more of an industrial center than a tourist center. Here, in fact, a petrochemical pole overlooking the sea was built which remained active until 2014 to be converted into a bio refinery today. In any case, the construction works that began in the 1960s had a devastating impact on the environment and landscape. The refinery took the place of sand dunes and forests, and the city expanded rapidly, haphazardly, and without rules.

What to see in Gela

In spite of everything in Gela there are 3 nice respectable places to see, let’s find out which ones.

Tip from Topsecretsicily: If you wish, you can book a tour to discover a local winery. A walk through the vineyards, visit inside the winery and tasting of 2 different wines with Sicilian appetizer is planned.

Archaeological Museum and Acropolis

It is the third largest archaeological museum in Sicily, here you will find more than 5000 artifacts found in the territory of Gela, ranging from the Greek era to the medieval age. Near the museum there are also the ruins of an ancient Greek acropolis.

What to see in Gela - Archaeological Museum of Gela
Davide Mauro , CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Archaeological Museum of Gela
Acropolis of Gela
Greek acropolis near the museum – Davide Mauro , CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Excavations of Capo Soprano

Here you will find the Timoleontee walls, impressive Greek stone fortifications, up to 8 meters high and very well preserved . These are the walls that protected the ancient Greek city of Gela and around them ancient residences have also been unearthed.

These walls were built with blocks made of sun-baked clay and have been very well preserved over time, thanks to the sand dunes once present here, which covered and protected them from atmospheric agents. A truly wonderful place, unique in the world, in a beautiful park a stone’s throw from the beach and the sea .

Panorama from the excavations of Capro Soprano, Gela
Panorama from the excavations of Capro Soprano
Excavations of Capro Soprano, Gela
Mjrko Gelous , CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Biviere di Gela nature reserve

The nature reserve was established in 1997, is managed by LIPU and is located around Lake Biviere, the largest coastal lake in Sicily. Just think that once this was a marshy area that was then partly “reclaimed” around 1600 with the creation of a freshwater lake, through an underground channel to the Dirillo river. Today this area is a reference point for migratory birds that you can admire along the paths and observation points . An ideal place for lovers of nature, animals and walks.

Biviere di Gela nature reserve
Reserve entrance – Davide Mauro , CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Biviere di Gela nature reserve
Inside the reserve

Where to eat in Gela

If you want to eat typical products in the area you can go to Colle degli ulivi, a restaurant located in the countryside, on a small hill surrounded by olive trees.

Interactive map – Points of interest in purple

To locate yourself once in the area, click on the enlarge symbol at the top right of the map.

Typical dishes of the area

Here you find the typical products of the province of Agrigento , here instead i typical Sicilian dishes.

What to see in the surroundings

Here you will find listed the places to visit ad Agrigento and surroundings .

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