In this article you will find out what to see in Portopalo di Capo Passero. The town is located at the southern tip of Sicily, although it is not the southernmost point on the island. It is a small hamlet in the municipality of Pachino, along with Marzamemi.

1. The panorama

What to see in Portopalo di Capo Passero
Liquid nitrogen , CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Very nice view of the sea and the island of Capo Passero. If you are in the area you should definitely go through the village and stop for at least 10 minutes to admire the view of the islet. There are two best places to do this, from above and from the coast.

From above near the restaurant U Saracenu (Among other things, an excellent restaurant) and from the coast in the town square “ Square of the two seas “. Nearby there is another restaurant the” Zibibbo-tarvenetta “overlooking the sea with good food and a magnificent view.

2. The beaches and the sea of Portopalo

There are 2 beaches, the Scalo Mandrie beach, characterized by pebbles and rocks, and the more sandy 2-seas beach, so called because the Ionian and Mediterranean Seas meet here. Both are located right in front of the beautiful island of Capo Passero, which serves as a backdrop, and are within walking distance of each other.

The beaches are small and unfortunately there may be algae present, making the water murky. In their absence, however, the sea really takes on a beautiful clear and transparent color.

Absolutely not to be missed is the slushie from the street vendor with the motovespa, who is stationed just behind the beach.

portopalo of capopassero
portopalo di capopassero, beach
portopalo di capopassero, beach
Beach of the 2 seas – trolvag , CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
portopalo di capopassero, beach
Scalo Mandrie beach trolvag , CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
portopalo of capopassero
portopalo of capopassero

3. Island of Capo Passero

Also very nice is the island of Capo Passero, which you can reach by pedal boat by renting it from the beach of the two seas, or if you are informed also by swimming. Here you will find unspoiled nature and the ruins of the ancient 12th century tonnara and an ancient fort from 1583.

What and where to eat in Portopalo

The absolute product of excellence is definitely the Pachino tomato and you will find it in many dishes. Another typical dish of this area is fried fish.

Portopalo is located in the province of Syracuse. Here you find the typical dishes of Syracuse and its surroundings and here instead i typical Sicilian dishes and products in general.

A recommended restaurant is the U Saracenu restaurant, sea view, very nice waiters and fantastic food.

U Saracenu restaurant
My girlfriend and I at the U Saracenu restaurant – Portopalo

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